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What do I need for my first triathlon?

Triathon is getting a reputation for being an expensive sport, and its true you can spend £££ thousands on all the latest gear and gizmos. However when you pare it back to the essentials then it’s less daunting than you might imagine, especially as you’ll probably already have some sports kit that will see you though the early training days until you decide the bug has bitten.

Essential Kit +/- £500

Goggles £5 +

Towel £5

Swimming costume / trunks £10+

Helmet £Best you can afford

Running shoes £30+

Good quality running socks £5

Tri suit £40+

Wet Suit £80+ (Can be rented)

Bike (ideally a road bike though it is possible to race Sprints and even Olympic distance on a modified MTB) £300+

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