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Oswestry Olympians Triathlon

Triathlon News & Results (13)

Traithlon News & Results category

From Friday 10th of April there will be a group ride around the course open to anyone wanting to get to know it better.

The ride will leave promptly at 18:15 from Oswestry School and be paced to return by 19:25 - in time to join the OOtri club swim set in the school pool, alternatively, there should be enough daylight to jump off the bike a put in a lap around the field if you want to practice those brick sessions!

This swim is normally for Olympians members only, however you can attend upto 3 sessions as a guest at a cost of £3 per session.

Despite the weather not feeling particularly spring like, the junior Tri section was represented at both the Womborne Junior Aquathon on March 21st and the Sandwell Juior Aqualthon on March 28th.

Matty and Kate competed at both events and performed really well, especially considering the move up to the TriStar 3 Age group category (U14).

Both events consisted of a 300m Swim followed by a 3k run.

Womborne: Full results breakdown here

Matty Collins 9th from 14 boys
Kate Pugh 6th from 20 Girls

Sandwell: Full results breakdown here

Matty Collins 7th from 11 boys
Kate Pugh 4th from 14 Girls


2014 Results are available here

Congratulations to all the competitors who took part today, it was great to see some very competitive racing.  The weather was kind, if a little breezy !

We hope you liked the move to a single transition? - from an organisational standpoint we felt it worked well and was an improvement in safety with competitiors crossing the road on foot rather than right turing into traffic while attempting to clip in.

Thank you to all the marshalls and volunteers for getting this year's event together. Lots of hard work goes into the planning and running of any event and there are plenty of lessons learned along the way!

There are lots of great ideas floating around as to how we can build the event up into something quite special next year - so please watch this space.

I'm compiling the results of all the multi-sport activity that club members have taken part in this season for the awards evening in November.

If anyone has done any other races, please ping me a message with a link to the results.

The awards will celebrate consistent high performance within age and gender category. To qualify you will need a minimum of two races completed between October 2013 and October 2014.

Races that count include Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquathon, Aquabike, and any off road variants of these. I'm only looking at over 23 yrs old for this but if you are younger it does not mean you won't be recognised....

Here is what I am working off so far, if I'm missing stuff, let me know ASAP.

Cheers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Brian Rothera
Oswestry Sprint tri

Claire Birch
Bala Standard Distance
Chomodoly Olympic
Oulton Park Duathlon

Ian Lowe
Rutland Duathlon

Jacqui Smith
Bala Middle


Lee Barnfield
Ironman Wales

Lee Williams
Bala Middle
Ironman Wales

Loraine DUNCAN

Richie Collins
Bala Middle
Ironman Wales

Sarah Greaves

Steve Roberts
Oulton Park Duathlon
Rutland Duathlon

Tim Gears
Bala Middle
Rhyl Sprint Tri

Tim Tansley
Bala Middle
Bala Standard Distance
Oswestry Sprint tri
Rhyl Sprint Tri
Ruithin MTB Duathlon

Laura Gartry
Chomodoly Olympic

  • Tim Tansley

With the 2014 triathlon season pretty much done and dusted it seems like a good time to look back at the results from some of our athletes.

If we've missed any, please let me know!

Chirk Sprint Triathlon 13th April 2014 400m Swim 20k Bike 5k run

Position Bib # Athlete Name Gender Category Club Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run Gun Time
68 339 Lee BARNFIELD M SEN OO Tri (Oswestry Olympians) 00:06:42 00:01:03 00:42:09 00:00:44 00:22:28 01:13:08
86 389 Phoebe HUGHES F U18 OO Tri (Oswestry Olympians) 00:05:45 00:00:29 00:47:08 00:00:41 00:21:05 01:15:10
97 282 Kelvin WILLIAMS M SEN Oswestry Olympians 00:07:53 00:01:13 00:46:20 00:00:35 00:20:10 01:16:13
328 21 Loraine DUNCAN F V40 Oswestry Olympians 00:13:22 00:03:06 01:03:10 00:00:56 00:29:09 01:49:46


Rhyl Sprint Triathlon 1st June 2014 750m swim 20k Bike 5k run

First name Last name Race # Gender Finish status Cat Wave Finish time Overall position Gender position Category position
Tim Tansley 98 Male Finished Ages 40+ 2 01:10:50 13 13 4
Tim Gears 106 Male Finished Ages 20 - 39 2 01:19:33 45 41 23


Bala Middle Distance Triathlon 2k Swim 78.5k bike 20k run

Position Bib # Athlete Name Gender Categor Club Swim T1 Cycle T2 Run Gun Ti  Time Difference
63 243 RICHARD COLLINS M MV OOTri Oswestry Olympians 00:42:26 00:02:00 02:37:45 00:01:22 01:42:37 05:06:11 +01:09:57  
65 206 Tim Tansley M MV OO Tri (Oswestry Olympians) 00:36:56 00:02:21 02:53:18 00:01:26 01:32:29 05:06:31 +01:10:17  
178 158 Tim Gears M MS Oswestry Olympians 00:46:45 00:06:46 03:05:29 00:02:25 01:40:19 05:41:45 +01:45:31  
289 30 Jacqui Smith F FV Oswestry Olympians 00:50:32 00:08:26 03:44:56 00:03:15 02:00:10 06:47:21 +02:51:07  

Ruthin Junior Triathlon, Saturday May 10th

Ruthin Leisure centre, Ruthin

Windy and sometimes wet conditions greeted the team from Oswestry. This coupled with a very challenging bike course and a tough undulating 400m running track made this race a test of mental toughness as much as fitness for the junior athletes. All the juniors lived up to the challenge and showed what tough characters we have in the club! Lots of of great performances and another win for Kate Pugh in the T2 girls.

Full results are here


SuperMini's (12 boys 11 girls)


Pos Name Time Category Cat Pos Gender Gen Pos Club Swim G/Pos Cycle G/Pos Run G/Pos
1 Faye Williams 09:58.3 Supermini 1 Female 1 Ruthin Tri Stars 02:11.4 2 04:24.8 1 03:22.1 3
16 Poppy Barkley 13:37.3 Supermini 7 Female 7 Triclaire's 02:14.2 4 07:47.4 8 03:35.5 6
2 Louis Roberts 10:07.9 Supermini 1 Male 1 Cerist Juniors 01:57.1 4 05:18.4 4 02:52.2 2
15 Toby Barkley 13:12.8 Supermini 9 Male 9 Triclaire's 02:36.3 9 07:00.6 9 03:35.8 10


SuperSprint (4 boys / 3 girls)


Pos Name Time Category Cat Pos Gender Gen Pos Club Swim G/Pos Cycle G/Pos Run G/Pos
1 Tomas Davies 13:51.3 Supersprint 1 Male 1   02:08.6 2 07:33.0 1 04:09.6 1
2 Lloyd Richards 14:23.0 Supersprint 2 Male 2 OOTri 02:04.6 1 07:37.8 2 04:40.5 2
3 Isabelle Whittlestone 16:10.2 Supersprint 1 Female 1   01:11.6 1 10:02.5 1 04:56.0 1
5 Nia Tansley 18:49.2 Supersprint 2 Female 2 OOTri 01:54.6 2 11:30.3 2 05:24.3 2


 TS1 (25 Boys)


Pos Name Time Category Cat Pos Gender Gen Pos Club Swim G/Pos Cycle G/Pos Run G/Pos
1 Ioan Hedd Oldfield 17:25.9 T1 1 Male 1 Ruthin Tri Stars 04:05.7 3 06:58.3 1 06:21.9 5
6 Jamie Williams 18:54.7 T1 6 Male 6 OOTri 04:17.5 4 07:19.3 3 07:17.8 17
16 Evan Roberts 21:16.7 T1 14 Male 14 OOTri 05:49.2 19 09:04.0 19 06:23.3 6


TS2 (35 boys / 21 girls)


Pos Name Time Category Cat Pos Gender Gen Pos Club Swim G/Pos Cycle G/Pos Run G/Pos
6 Kate Pugh 24:45.1 T2 1 Female 1 OOTri 03:44.9 1 13:04.0 1 07:56.1 1
25 Rhiannon Tansley 30:11.6 T2 6 Female 6 OOTri 06:18.3 17 14:25.6 4 09:27.6 7
28 Elizabeth Williams 30:54.2 T2 8 Female 8 OOTri 05:01.5 9 15:54.9 9 09:57.7 13
42 Bethan Jones 33:46.0 T2 16 Female 16 OOTri 05:07.7 10 18:41.8 17 09:56.4 12
1 Osian Perrin 23:15.8 T2 1 Male 1 Menai Track & Field 03:54.7 2 12:00.4 2 07:20.6 2
14 Matthew Collins 27:17.6 T2 11 Male 11 OOTri 04:18.0 7 14:08.8 12 08:50.8 14


Youths (6 Boys)



Pos Name Time Category Cat Pos Gender Gen Pos Club Swim G/Pos Cycle G/Pos Run G/Pos
1 Samuel Morgan Johnson 35:53.5 Youth 1 Male 1 North Wales Regional Academy 06:10.1 1 23:12.6 1 12:40.9 1
2 Tom Shelton 40:02.7 Youth 2 Male 2 OOTri 07:30.8 2 26:06.8 2 13:55.8 3



Sunday 4th May Shropshire Junior Duathlon

Sundorme Sports Village, Shrewsbury.

A large field assembled for this tough run-bike-run race. Kate Pugh took out the Trisar 2 Girls race with a dominating display on the bike building up an insurmountable lead heading into T2.

What was great to see was the slick transitions from the Oswestry team with all athletes putting in a great effort.

There was controversy in the T2 Boys race, with three penalties handed out for drafting - just becasue the bike was on a closed circuit, normal BTA rules still applied! - All the Oswestry athletes were well behaved and stayed on the right side of the officials!


Category (# athletes) Athlete Club Overall Time Overall Rank Run 1 Time Run 1 Rank Bike Time Bike Rank Run 2 Time Run 2 Rank
Tristar 1 Girls (18) Amy Harland Wrekin Tri 12:20 1 4:00 1 7:07 8 1:13 2
  Nia Tansley OOtri 16:03 17 6:06 17 8:23 16 1:34 17
Tristar 1 Boys (15) James Vaughn Worcester Tri 11:13 1 3:43 1 6:45 4 1:05 1
  Jamie Williams OOtri 12:42 11 4:09 7 7:12 11 1:21 14
Tristar 2 Girls (27) Kate Pugh OOtri 17:57 1 5:13 3 10:08 1 2:36 2
  Rhiannon Tansley OOtri 20:16 9 6:23 20 10:55 3 2:58 15
  Elizabeth Williams OOtri 22:10 23 6:21 19 12:42 23 3:07 17
Tristar 2 Boys (19) Alex Thompson Black Country Tri 17:46 1 5:23 7 10:20 7 2:03 1
  Matthew Collins OOtri 18:39 7 5:14 6 10:29 8 2:36 6




Bro Dyfi aquathlon 6th April 2014

The Tri-Stars Series age groups were very keenly contested.
T1 girls was won by Eden Rae Davies (Celtic Tri), followed by Demi Williams (OO Tri) and Freya Thapa (Cerist Juniors).
Bethan Jones also competed in TS2 and did really well to place 4th.


Clywedog aquathlon 24th April :

Josh Selby - 1st
Demi Williams TS1 - 1st
Jamie Williams TS1 - 3rd

Clywedog triathlon
TS 2 Lizzie Williams - 5th

We are all interested in how you perform as triathletes. Anyone who has any event planned or a result they would like us to be aware of, please let us know, so that we can put any details in the newsletter or onto the website.

Every race result is a personal achievement we really want to know how you have got on. It also is a good indicator to the coaches of how you are doing and how we can adapt the training to suit.

Sandwell Aquathlon 6th April 2014

TS2 Girls Kate Pugh 9:55 4th Girl ( 8th TS2 Overall)
TS2 Boys Matty Collins 10:23 10th Boy (19thTS2 Overall)

BCT Aquathlon 22nd March 2014
Jamie Williams 7th TS1 Boys
Lizzie Williams 16th TS2 Girls
Matthew Collins 4th TS2 Boys

Llangefni Triathlon 23rd March 2014
Kate Pugh 1st TS2 Girls
Bethan Jones 9th TS2 Girls

For those taking part in the West Midlands Triathlon series 2014, I wanted to notify you of the process for qualification onto the Inter Regional Championship Team (IRC) for 2014.

This year we will be using two qualification races. These will be:

  1. Sandwell Open Water Triathlon - Sunday 29th June.
  2. Human Race, supertri children's race - Sunday 6th July.

Please note: 13 - 14 years (Tristar 3) MUST ENTER THE HIGH PERFORMANCE DRAFTING Triathlon 400m Swim, 10.6km Bike, 2.5km Run.
(There is only one [non-drafting race] for TS2.)

Points will be awarded in a similar way to the West Midlands Series - it is expected that anyone wishing to be considered will enter and race at both of these events. However, utilising two events, will allow for individual considerations to be made, should there be an incident to a potential qualifier during one of the races (e.g. mechanical failure etc). In which case, performance at one qualification race, in conjunction with performance within the series, to date, will be considered.

The team selected will be notified as soon as possible following the second event. Three (+ 1 reserve) from each age group will be selected.

Just as a reminder, the IRC is for age groups TS2 and TS3.

The aim of the selection process is to ensure the WM takes the best possible team to the IRCs in 2014.

The IRC (National Final) event is; Friday 22nd August at Holme Pierrepoint, Nottingham.

You can find out more here or if you have any questions please contact

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Young Persons Co-ordinator
West Midlands Regional Triathlon Committee

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