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Sunday, 20 November 2016 15:24

Steve Roberts Welsh International

Oswestry Olympian Steve Roberts competed for Wales in the Masters British

and Irish International cross country at Tollcross park Glasgow 12th November 2016.

Against tough competition Steve on a fast course ran well.

M50-64 8k
1st Paul Ward England 25:02
68th Steve Roberts Wales 31:52

M60-64 8k

1st John Lowden England 28-01
18th Steve Roberts wales 31:52
Oswestry Olympians are very proud of you Steve -congratulations on what we hope will be

the first of many Welsh International vests. 

Sunday, 20 November 2016 14:56

Olympians win categories in LLandudno

Winner Cari Hughes ( U/20) Menai AC
6th Viv McConnell 1st 60 
7th Charlotte Jones 1st 35
28th Lou Williams. 5th 35
43rd Yvonne Hill 3rd 50
46th Ali Tickner. 7th 45
56th Susie Hancock. 4th 55
60th Tania Brandon. 8th 50
73rd Sarah Greaves. 6th55
78th. Liz Parkes. 6th 40
91st. Ashling Donovan Harrison 24th SL 

1. Eryri. 48
2. Oswestry Olympians. 84 
3 Buckley. 104 
Pos after 2 events :- 
1 Eryri 141
2. Oswstry Olympians. 198
3 Buckley. 242
Masters teams on day:- 
1 Eryri. 18 
2 O O. 19 
3. Buck. 32 
4. Telf. 48
After 2 events :-
1. Eryri. 54
2. O O. 65 
3 Telf. 67 
4. Buck. 95 
Great results from you all Well Done ladies .

3rd. Paul Jones 1st 45
9th Pete Butler. 6th sm
24th Tim Tansley. 4th 40
38th. Brian Rothera 2nd 45
39th Ian Lowe. 3rd 45
45th Craig Lammas. 8th 40
52ndPete J. 10th 40 
57th Rich Davies. 32nd sm 
76th Steve Roberts. 2nd 60 
109th Jonny Lambert. 19th 40

Teams on Day :- 
1 Shrews. 84
2 Eryri. 156 
3 O O. 158
4 CBay. 314 
5 Buck. 393
After 2 events :- 
1 Shrews. 139 
2 O O 396
3 Eryri. 574 
4 Buck. 590 
5C Bay. 724



Monday, 17 October 2016 20:20

Going Dutch !

Well done to Peter Butler competing in the Amsterdam marathon. Peter ran a brilliant time of 2 hours 45 minutes, finishing 142nd out of 12,180 runners ! One of the best excuses we have heard to miss a cross country race in Mold.


FARNDON 10 k 16th October 
14 Garry Owens 38:16 2nd m50
32 Dave Newton 40:27 5th m50
139 Jude Hughes 48:00 5th f40
189 Mark Jones 50:37 24 th m45 dnf
229 Karen Owens 52:03 16th f45

425 runners

Monday, 17 October 2016 20:01

A Clean Pair of Heels in Mold

A great start to the cross country season. A brilliant turn out of 15 Men and 10 ladies

Mold Cross Crountry Ladies 2016

Provisional results from NWXC MOLD
LADIES 1st Denbigh 88 
2nd Eryri. 93. 7 teams Div 1 
3rd Wxm 106. 117 finishers
4th OO 114
Masters 1st. Telf. 19
2nd Eryri. 36
3rd Shrews 38
4th OO. 46
MEN 1st. Shrews. 55. 
2nd Buckley 197
3rd. OO. 238. 8teams Div 1 
4th. C Bay. 410 197 finishers
Masters. 1st Buckley. 16
2nd. OO. 27. 18 teams 
3rd. W Chesh 29
4th Shrews. 38
A great start to season , Adam Jones 1st counter in 20th and on her debut XC run Viv McConnell an amazing 9th and 1st O/ 60 !!! Well done every one . 
Next fixture Llanduno 5th Nov 

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 19:52

Its Cross Country Time

The XC season is with us (1st one 15th Oct at Mold) come along to the most competitive but friendly league ,good training for the road ( ask Tim Gears!) Club pay entry fee , so all you need to do is turn up with you gear (club vests of course). Let's make it even better than last season !! Contact Ian Lowe to say YES ! 
See you in the MUD ...... Team Manager Marg 

Ian ( Lowie) is TEAM CAPTAIN for both men and Ladies this season (Pictured)


CrossCountry Dates For Your Diarys

15th October Mold
5th November LLandudno
26th November Bangor
14th January Shrewsbury
4th febuary Oswestry

Tuesday, 04 October 2016 19:38

Mud, Mud Glorious Mud

More details on the Club cross country page

CrossCountry Dates For Your Diarys

15th October Mold
5th November LLandudno
26th November Bangor
14th January Shrewsbury
4th febuary Oswestry

Sunday, 26 June 2016 21:00

Jon Disley Commemoration Event

Jon Disley-commemoration event for Oswestry Olympians (family and friends)
Friday 8th July 7pm at Oswestry school (cricket pavilion)
Novelty swimming races
Running, throwing, ostacle races
Fun rounders matches and a tug of war !!
Bring a picnic and something to drink
Take part or just relax but have fun
Juniors, Seniors and Parents in the same races ...Oh Yes !!!
With the more that come we will have more fun !
Sunday, 22 May 2016 18:45

Club Fell Running Champs

Club Champs -2016 Fell Race Series:-

Mynydd Myfr - 29 th May
Gyrn Gallop  - 23rd July
Ponderosa    - 3rd Aug 
Pontesbury   - 22nd June
Scoring - Best 3 results from 4 races.
5 Points- for running the race
1 point- for every Olympian within your gender you finish ahead of.
You must complete at least 3 of the 4 races to compete in the series.
Race series results status will be published here after every race.
Monday, 25 April 2016 17:56

London Heroes

A group of inteprid Olympians have been setting PB's and personal goals by completing in the London Marathon and also the recent Manchester marathon.

In London Garry Owen with his time of 02:59:44 got so very close to surpassing

Doug Morris's long standing mark of 02:58:59 (M50 Club Record) set back in 1985.

Well done to everyone for completing the marathon course, the Olympians are very proud of you all.

London Marathon

Peter Butler 2:52:30
Garry Owens 2:59:44
Simon Barkley 3:00:15
Jacki Jarvis 3:49:51
Amy Jones 4:10:47

David Wilson 05:15:48

Manchester Marathon 

Tim Tansley 3.07.02!
Jude Hughes 3.47.29
Karen Owens 4.28.32



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