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Monday, 21 January 2013 11:03

ellesmere 10km race 2017


Sunday 27th August 2017 Ellesmere 10k


Ellesmere   10k 

Under no circumstances can anyone run Ellesmere 10k with any format of pushchair due to health and safety reasons

Ellesmere 10k Results 2013

Ellesmere 10k Results 2014

Photos 2014

Ellesmere 10k Results 2015


Ellesmere 10k Results 2017 - SEE ATTACHMENT AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE (UPDATED 4/9/17)




The fabulously fast Ellesmere 10km race is back for 2017 and the date is confirmed as Sunday 27th August starting 11:00am.

This is as fast and as popular as ever!  This race genuinely does have PB potential for runners prepared to take it on.

The race is a mix of road and well surfaced flat trail, very gentle undulations with just one sharp turn and a hump-back canal bridge to negotiate. Plus some stunning scenery to zoom your way through.

The prize money this year is £100 for first place, 2nd (£50) and 3rd (£25).

Chip timing and technical t-shirt to all runners is included as well as free parking. The venue is Lakelands School, which has changing facilities and there will be tea and coffee and baps and cakes on offer within the venue. The sun usually shines on this race.

Ellesmere is a delightful small town with plenty to do and scenic vantage points to watch the race from. The race entry is capped at 500 runners so be sure to enter quickly before it's sold out.




Monday, 14 January 2013 18:46

Mynydd Myfyr 4th June 2012

Written by
Race Position Time Race No Name Club Age Category
1 00.22.06 64 Paul Jones Oswestry Olympians M40
2 00.22.36 5 Ian Lowe Oswestry Olympians M40
3 00.22.44 39 Jez Brown Buckley SM
4 00.22.54 1 Stuart Le'Clere U/A SM
5 00.23.13 33 Andrew Birch Trismart M40
6 00.23.18 37 Adair Broughton Helsby SM
7 00.23.38 38 Tom Roo Mercia SM
8 00.23.51 13 David Alexander West Cheshire M40
9 00.24.24 42 Patrick Stradling U/A JM
10 00.24.27 83 Rob Kerr Sytri SM
11 00.24.36 22 Tim Viner Shrewsbury AC SM
12 00.24.55 48 Andy Campbell Wrecsam Tri SM
13 00.24.57 74 Haydn Jones Maldwyn Harriers M50
14 00.25.05 49 Tim Tansley Oswestry Olympians SM
15 00.25.11 60 Benjamin Consen Otley AC SM
16 00.25.12 52 Stephen Purcell U/A SM
17 00.25.15 30 John Edward Morris Denbigh Harriers SM
18 00.25.37 47 Ben Wills Spirit of Monmouth SM
19 00.25.45 62 Simon Barkley Oswestry Olympians SM
20 00.25.47 70 Matt Harrison U/A SM
21 00.25.55 67 Joshua Benson Team Tight Pants SM
22 00.25.57 84 Paul Davies Oswestry Olympians M45
23 00.26.04 36 Jayne Joy Helsby SF
24 00.26.10 24 Ben Mayho Sytri SM
25 00.26.25 61 Tony Paul U/A SM
26 00.26.26 63 John Richards Oswestry Olympians M45
27 00.26.59 28 Martin Cortvriend Denbigh Harriers M60
28 00.27.03 9 Huw Lewis Buckley M50
29 00.27.22 35 Jane Ashbrook Helsby F35
30 00.27.31 82 Richard Foggin Oswestry Olympians M45
31 00.27.32 86 Ian Clarke U/A M50
32 00.27.43 69 Dan Benson Team Tight Pants SM
33 00.27.44 4 Peter Roberts Buckley M65
34 00.27.55 56 Duncan Jones U/A M50
35 00.28.05 45 Simon Phillips Whitchurch Whippets M40
36 00.28.27 58 Lee Williams Oswestry Olympians SM
37 00.28.41 68 David Benson U/A M55
38 00.28.43 17 Bill Cork Oswestry Olympians M45
39 00.28.49 53 Jon Hancock Oswestry Olympians M55
40 00.28.53 19 Ali Tickner Oswestry Olympians F40
41 00.29.07 18 Bernie Jones Maldwyn Harriers M50
42 00.29.14 50 David Hughes Oswestry Olympians M45
43 00.29.20 85 A. Sinnett Wrecsam Tri M45
44 00.29.24 8 Michael Charman Spectrum Striders M60
45 00.29.40 10 Steve Jones Eryri M55
46 00.29.41 31 Tim Whitcombe Idle AC M50
47 00.29.42 79 Joseph Long U/A JM
48 00.29.44 27 Andrew Gaches U/A SM
49 00.29.58 6 Stuart Robinson Telford Harriers SM
50 00.30.23 66 Nicola Richards U/A F35
51 00.30.26 11 Colin Downey Mercia M50
52 00.30.43 44 Saul Brunt U/A SM
53 00.30.52 77 Turpin Jerome Checkers Club SM
54 00.31.05 16 Ellen Ashton Oswestry Olympians F40
55 00.31.15 72 Daniel White U/A SM
56 00.31.31 25 Gareth Hughes Prestatyn M65
57 00.31.51 59 Andy Knott U/A M55
58 00.32.23 54 Jackie Keasley Helsby F50
59 00.32.25 51 Michael Purcell Deeside Orienteering Club M65
60 00.32.39 20 Jacki Jarvis Oswestry Olympians F50
61 00.32.57 57 Mary Jeal Denbigh Harriers F50
62 00.33.05 75 Stephane Borie Checkers Club SM
63 00.34.03 32 Claire Birch Oswestry Olympians F35
64 00.34.07 65 Robert Turner Great Western Runners M55
65 00.34.19 34 Susan Ridings Clwydian Range Runners F50
66 00.34.21 40 Rowenna Darlington U/A SF
67 00.34.22 43 Elizabeth White U/A SF
68 00.34.35 76 Blanchard Mathieu Checkers Club SM
69 00.34.37 73 Dave Jones Dark Peak Fell Runners M65
70 00.34.43 21 Neil Ballard Oswestry Olympians M50
71 00.34.55 55 Betty Grieve Helsby F50
72 00.35.04 23 Gillian Csizmadia Wrexham AC F50
73 00.35.30 81 David Temple Deestriders RC SM
74 00.35.32 12 Alan Hodgkiss Telford AC M65
75 00.35.35 29 Victoria Whitehead Denbigh Harriers F35
76 00.36.47 26 Peter Norman Wrexham AC M70
77 00.37.26 80 Emma Wilde U/A F35
78 00.37.42 78 Mike Cutler South Chesire Harriers M55
79 00.38.06 46 Stephanie Brunt Spirit of Monmouth SF
80 00.38.17 71 Tom Benson Team Tight Pants SM
81 00.38.24 15 Robbie Webster Helsby M70
82 00.39.40 14 Barrie Jackson Meirionnydd RC M70
83 00.41.41 2 Helen Moss Helsby F45
84 00.41.42 7 Stephanie Charman Spectrum Striders F60
85 00.41.43 3 Phil Gillard Helsby M50
86 00.45.07 41 Natasha Thomas U/A SF
Monday, 14 January 2013 11:28

Seniors Cross Country

Every year Oswestry Olympians compete in the North Wales Cross Country League. Come and join us for the Series - All welcome. Anyone interested, any standard, would be welcome. The more runners we have, the better our chances of improving our score as a club. Its also great fun !!!


Mens Rep Ian Lowe for lift sharing or just to let him know you are interested 07825349175.

Ladies rep is Yvonne Hill.


Below here will be full width blog entries for Cross Country events, inc results, occasional pictures

Monday, 14 January 2013 11:11

Training Nights


Monday and Wednesday evenings SPRING/SUMMER 2017

Arrive 18:20 for a 18:30 prompt start Oswestry Leisure Centre unless otherwise stated for locations listed in the link below. 

Training schedule.   

Improvers Runs May-July follow the link

Improvers Runs July -Sept follow the link

2017 Summer Schedule



Mondays -recovery and tempo runs - Split into different ability groups - Summer country runs

Wednesday - Structured efforts, track, 

Any Alterations to the Weekly Training Schedual Please Check Our Facebook Page 

Or the Club Facebook Group   

Everyone welcome.

During the SPRING/SUMMER months we meet for a run on Mondays and on Wednesdays at the new Oswestry Leisure Center at 6.30pm, down by the Club Noticeboard. (Down the Corridor just passed the Changing Rooms )

The Monday session is a steady run and  tempo sessions alternating with our Summer Schedule where we head off into the Shropshire countryside ( see dates, locations and start times below). Wednesday is a little different with track intervals, hill work and one or two surprises thrown in ! There we would normally split into two (or more) groups.

There is also a run in Ellesmere on Fridays meeting at the Car park at 6.15pm.

We also plan to offer some longer Sunday runs, open for ideas, (Berwyns, Worlds End etc)

Please see attachment to see what else the club has to offer.

 Alternatively for a more gentle run why not join Doze's running crew

All runs from Oswestry Leisure Centre 06:30pm starts depart 06:45pm.

WINTER 2016/17

Improvers Group

Under ‘Winter 2016/17’ a:

On Monday nights the Improvers’ group, for those who are already regularly running 3-4miles and would like to run with others, runs from Oswestry Leisure Centre at 6.30pm. Running around 10-12 minute miles and covering 4.5 – 6 miles on runs around Oswestry. Usually a steady run with some drills and other things mixed in.

We don’t have a beginners’ group at the moment but please do contact us if you are a beginner looking to run with a group and we can point you in the direction of beginners’ groups in the area that we know about.


Meeting at the Oswestry Leisure Centre.

The Monday session is a steady run and  tempo sessions. Wednesday is a little different with intervals, hill work and one or two surprises thrown in ! There we would normally split into two (or more) groups.

During the Winter we keep to the roads for the street lights but as soon as the evenings get lighter we're off into the Shropshire countryside for some of the prettiest running around.

On clearer nights we will organise some "Head-torch" runs where will venture into the country lanes for some longer routes. 

There is also a run in Ellesmere on Fridays meeting at the Car park at 6.15pm.







Wednesday, 04 January 2012 04:27

Creating Your Site

Joomla! is all about allowing you to create a site that matches your vision. The possibilities are limitless; this sample site will just get you started.

There are a few things you should know to get you started.

First, every Joomla! site has two parts the Site (which is what your site visitors see) and the Administrator (which is where you will want to do a lot of the site management). You need to log in to the Administrator separately. There is a link to the administrator on the top menu. 

You can edit articles in the Site by clicking on the edit icon. You can create a new article by clicking on the Create Article link in the top menu.  

To do other things, like edit the contact form, edit the modules or change the site name you need to log in to the administrator. 

Some quick tips for working in the Administrator:

  • Change site name and tag line: Go to the Extensions, Template Manager and on the Styles tab click on Your Basic Template.
  • To edit the Header Module: Go to Extensions, Module Manager and click on Header Module.
  • To edit the Side Module: Go to Extensions, Module Manager and click on Side Module.
  • To edit the Contact Form: Go to Components, Contacts. Click on Your Name. 


Once you have your basic site you may want to install your own template (that controls the overall design of your site) and then, perhaps additional extensions. 

There is a lot of help available for Joomla!. You can visit the Joomla! forums and the Joomla! documentation site to get started. 

Wednesday, 04 January 2012 03:06

About Us

Put more information on this page.

Wednesday, 04 January 2012 02:38

Welcome to your new look web-site

Dear Oswestry Olympians Members

Welcome to your new look web-site. This is the first stage of what we hope will become an indispensible point of reference in your life to keep you up to date on all things Olympian, plus information on running, athletics, triathlon and events, and our advertisement to the world,  telling people about us and our events.

Our club needs a single point of communication that is up to date and relevant to all of us. This might be to update you on training, or communicate that an event has been cancelled or perhaps to tell you ways of improving your performances.
Today's web interaction has to be two way. We all want to download, upload and communicate, instead of just one-way viewing. Our site includes live feeds from facebook and twitter, so if anyone says something it will be on our site instantly too.

The site will allow you to have your own blog, perhaps to keep your own training log or add photos from your run or events you've been to and leave you to say anything you want (nothing offensive of course please!). You only need to log in and we'll authorise your membership and send you an email to confirm. Then you are free to start tapping away for your fellow club members to see.

Our website had lasted almost 12 years, and much thanks go to Keith Weetman, Jon Hancock and Dave Newton in particular for keeping it going. But the old site and our newsletters were almost driven by steam in comparison to our new site. We hope you like the look so far. Much work still needs to go on behind the scenes to get it perfect and filled with information.

It's going to be very interesting to see how it develops over the next weeks, months and years. Enjoy.

With best regards

Paul Davies
Oswestry Olympians Athletics and Triathlon Club

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