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Sunday, 29 April 2018 17:21

Marathon Heroes

Oswestry Olympians took on the task of completing the Marathon distance in April and each runner overcame a variety of challenges to achieve their goal.
Having spent the winter running through wind,rain, snow and floods, both the Manchester and London race days were unseasonally warm, London one of hottest race days on record and it was a signifcant achievment to complete the race.
Julian Morgan-Ayres was first Olympian home in an excellent sub 3 hour time.
Pete Butler ran brilliantly to complete 2 marathons in the space of a couple of weeks.
Charlotte Jones broke the club F40 marathon record at Manchester, a record held by Jackie Jarvis since 2003. Charlotte
also finished 3rd in her age group.
Mike Kirk overcame disappointment of fulling ill during last years London Marathon, by smashing his PB at Manchester
this year
Well done to all Olympian marathon heroes
Virgin London Marathon
Julian Morgan Ayres 2:55:20 MS 
Dylan Walton 3:09:15 MS 
Simon Barkley 3:10:12  M45
Peter Butler 3:02:16  MS 
Daniel Samuel 3:22:49  MS 
David Card 3:30:26 MS 
Paula Reynolds 4:09:09  F40 
Emily Vaughan 4:21:15 F40 
Liz Park 4:31:11 F40 
Sarah Morgan Ayres 4:35:41 FS 
Ashling Donohoe-Harrison 4:54:14 FS 
Julie Davies 5:01:47 F40 
Jude Hughes 5:01:48 F40 
Victoria Hall 5:05:16 FS 

Manchester marathon results 
59th Pete Butler 2:42:21 Sen M 24th
575 Charlotte Jones 3:04:24 FV40 3rd  New Club Record
1928 Mike Kirk 3:29:57 V55 62nd  PB
Tania Brandon, DNF
9337 finishers
Sunday, 15 April 2018 20:10

Privacy Policy

Our legal basis for collecting and processing personal data Oswestry Olympians lawful basis for for collecting/processing personal data is that of consent. Responsibilities of individuals with access to data collected by Oswestry Olympians 1. Only use members’ or athletes’ data for the purposes described in the What we will do with it section. 2. If data is required for purposes other than described in the What we will do with it section you must ask people and obtain their consent for what you need to do before you use their details. 3. Delete or destroy any spreadsheets or similar, of data downloaded or printed out as soon as you have finished using them. 4. Do not keep any personal data, eg. previous years’ membership information, for longer than three years. Club records and results from races organised by Oswestry Olympians are a special case and are stored indefinitely as described in the How long and where we will keep it section. 5. Be organised about where you store Oswestry Olympians data on your computer or paper files so you know what you have and where it is. If you don’t actually need to keep data, delete or destroy it. 6. If you suspect a data breach, eg. lost/hacked laptop or lost paper file, you must report it to the club secretary so that it can be investigated and reported to the ICO. There can be big fines if we are found not to have complied with the regulations. This policy was adopted at the Club Committee meeting 26 March 2018

Sunday, 04 February 2018 20:38

Oswestry XC -An Olympians Triumph

 Steve and Nick


A very brief report of a super final fixture. 
Men on day , of the 6 counters , 2 top ten 1 top 20 and 3 top 30 ...that's the way to score ! Individual awards :-
Young Matthew 1st u/17 Tom H 3rd 35 ...Pete J 3rd 40 .... Steve R 2nd o/60 overall teams 3rd senior and masters. Well done everyone of you 


Ladies on day :- our 4 counters 2 top ten 2 top 30 
Individual awards : - Ali L 1st o/ all .....Lou W 3rd 35 .... 
Charlotte J 2nd 40.... Jacqui G 3rd 40.... Yvonne H joint 2nd o/50 .... and a fab Sarah G 1st 60 despite having to pull out injured in Saturdays race !! O/all teams 2nd seniors and masters a very close call in points . 
The icing on the cake was to win The Tudor shield for combined men and ladies team . Congratulations to all . 
Hope you have all recovered and are feeling very elated !


Saturday, 06 January 2018 20:15

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Sunday, 03 December 2017 06:50

Welsh International Steve Roberts !

Congratulations to Steve Roberts representing Wales at the
British and Irish masters International cross country in Derry
Northern Ireland.
in the M50-64 
1st Ben Reynolds England 28:28 M50
67th Steve Roberts Wales 35:29 M60
69 runners
1st Martin McDonald Ireland 30:19
18th Steve Roberts Wales 35:29
20 runners.

After the torrential rain of Llandudno, it was  another cold and wet

Bangor cross country, race no 3 in the North Wales Cross Country Series

Bangor Results
Men's team 3rd overall and 3rd in the masters series 
Ladies team 2nd overall and 1st in the masters series.

 22 Leonie Keeling ...... 3rd 35

25 Jacqui Gears......3rd 40

33. Lou Williams...........6th 35

38. Amy Penn.......10th SL

46. Tania Brandon ..........3rd 50

48 Yvonne Hill .......4th 50

49. Susie Hancock.......3rd 55

62 Victoria Hall .....10th 35

72. Sarah. Morgan-Ayres .....12th 35

73. Ashling Donohoe-Harrison....16th SL

79. Sarah Greaves .......1st 60

81 Jo Biffen ........19th SL

100 Kelly. Clarke ..........16th 40.



MENS results :-


Winner Callum Rowlinson. Bangor Uni

21 Tom Heard .....3rd 35

22 Pete Jones .....4th 40

29 Tim Tansley......4th 45

30 Julian Morgan-Ayres ...14th SM

44 Brian Rothera .... 6th 45

84 Steve Roberts ....4th 60

108 Mike Kirk .....8th 55

110 Craig Case ....37th SM

138 Lee Barnfield .....19th 40



Sunday, 19 November 2017 16:30

Presentation 2017

Congratulations to all winners and those recognised at the Club Presentation evening.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 19:28

And they're off

Ladies with Team Manager Margaret Morris and Ali Tickner

The first race of the North Wales Cross country season got under way in fine style at Wrexham on 7th March.

There was an excellent turn-out especially from the Olympian ladies, who not only had the numbers but the performances to match.

Ali Lavender led the way with an excellent win with good support from Charlotte Jones and Jacqui Gears with top 20 finshes.  

There were great debut runs from Louise Woolcock, Amy Penn, Tracy Roberts and Jo Biffen.

In a competitive mens field, Tom Heard, Peter Jones, Tim Tansley and Tim Gears all broke into the top 50. 

After the first Race - Olympians Ladies are 1st in division 1 and 3rd in the Masters champs

Olympian Men are 3rd Divison 1 and the Master champs

115 finishers 

1st. Ali Lavender
9th Charlotte Jones 3rd 40
14th Jacqui Gears4th 40
28th. Louie Woolcock. 2nd 35
31st. Amy Penn. 8th SL 
34th Lou Williams. 3rd 35
46th. Tracey Roberts. 8th 40
49th. Yvonne Hill. 2nd 50
54th. Susie Hancock. 6th 55 
58th. Jules Lloyd Evans. 9th 45
66th. Ashling Donohue-Harrison 14th SL 
77th. Jo Biffen 17th SL 
91st. Sarah Greaves. 2nd 60
100th. Kelly Clarke 14th 40

MEN.......164 finishers
1st. Mathew Willis Wrexham AC U/20
20th. Tom Heard 1st 35 
29th. Pete Jones. 6th 40 
33rd. Tim Tansley. 7th 40
46th. Tim Gears. 10th 40
60th. Brian Rothera. 9th. 45
66th Rich Davies. 24th. SM 
72nd. Ian. Lowe. 11th. 45 

Matthew Collins finshed 4th in the U17 race.

Sunday, 10 September 2017 18:35

A super 20 for Super Simon


Simon Barkley has set a new Oswestry Olympians club record

for M40 20 Miles beating Gordon Manson's long standing 

record of 2 hr 16mins 16 secs set way back in 1998.

Simons new mark of 2 hours 13mins 54 Secs was

set at the South Cheshire 20 Mile race on Sept 3rd

where he finished a very creditable 16th.


Well done Simon and congratulations from all at Oswestry Olympians 

Sunday, 03 September 2017 16:22

Ellesmere Spectacular !

Over 60 Marshals and helpers from clubs and groups
in and around Oswestry and Ellesmere, without who the 
Ellesmere 10k  wouldn't have been the great race it continues to be
year on year. Thank You 
Charlotte Jones

1st David Webb Telfors AC - in 31:50
2nd Matthew Bickenstaff Heanor Running Club 33:04
3rd Jon Bowie Telford AC - 33:13

 1st Sara Willhoit - Unattached 38:32
2nd Clare Thurgood -Orion Harriers 38:50
3rd Rebecca Harrison -Cheadle Running Club 40:09 
Full race results from the link below

Olympian results from ELLESMERE 10k
11 Pete Butler 35:59
14 Si Barkley. 37:04 1st 40
20 Pete Jones 38:05 3rd 40
37 Rich Davies 4010 
43 Rich Collins 40:42 
45 Matt Collins 40:40 3rd JM 
49 Dave Newton 41:09 
51 Charlotte Jones 41:38. 4th lady 1st 40
64 Chris Hesketh 43:11
65 Martin Wyn 43:24 
66 MAY Davis 43:33. 1st J Lady 
74 Mike Kirk. 43:58
78 Sean Butler 44:14
80 Nick Blake 44:16 
89 Ash Lindop. 44:40
125 Dave Hughes. 46:43 
141 Mark Evans. 47:14
146 Rob Whittall. 47:28 
149 SUSIE Hancock 47:36. 4th 55 
156.Tracy Roberts 47:48 
163 Tania. Brandon. 48:02 2nd 50
186 Jenny Davis. 48:57 3rd 50
 191 Lyndon Dudding 49:12
209 Vicky Hall. 49:55
232. Katie Jones. 50:49
326. Emily Vaughn. 55:08
237 Jules L Evans 50:56
373 Gillian Lawrence 57: 25 
376 Lauren Mckensie 57:47
378 Joanna Biffen. 57:50
397. Seren Armstrong 59:06 
473. Vickey Brayne. 62:30
501 Annabel Bullen 63:48
517 Louise Buxton. 64 :15 
523. Tina Powell. 64 :23 
577. Sarah Bennett 67:46 
578 Natalie Bathers. 67:49
A total of 711 Finishers . 
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