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Shropshire Young Athletes Cross Country League 1

The first cross country event of the Winter season began at Lilleshall with a Shropshire Young Athletes League match for Oswestry Olympians against teams from all across Shropshire and Mid-Wales. The long grass and increasing ascents made the course tricky underfoot.

There was a tremendous debut for Poppy Kendrick-Jones who ran a superb race to finish 3rd in her first year as an Under 11 athlete. With another year in this age group, Poppy looks to have a successful future in cross country. There was also a third place for Cameron Van Onselen in the U17 Boys race. The Under 11 Boys were the highest placed team for Oswestry Olympians on the day in third position.


U11G - Poppy Kendrick-Jones 3, Seren Roberts 32, Sophie Tate 33. Team 7th

U11B - Massimo Wyatt 6, Jack Tinney 12, Daniel Morris 18, Sam Newton 22, Ben Rothera 29, Aaron Warburton 32. Team 3rd

U13G - Mia Tate 17, Eleanor Gunnery 30. Team 7th

U13B - Jamie Davis 17. Team 9th

U15G - Kate Pugh 10, Emily Onley 21, Ellie Dixon 22, Anna Holbrook 24. Team 5th

U15B - Matthew Collins 14. Team 5th

U17M - Cameron Van Onselen 3, Tom Wilde 6. Team 4th

Shropshire Young Athletes Cross Country League 2

The second cross country league match was hosted by Bridgnorth at Oldbury Wells School Fields. The hilly terrain of the sheep field was a challenge for all age groups in the wintery sunshine. Cameron Van Onselen continued his consistent form with another third place finish whilst there were also top four positions for Bethan Jones and Poppy Kendrick-Jones.


U11G - Poppy Kendrick-Jones 4, Seren Roberts 30. Team 8th

U11B - Massimo Wyatt 6. Jack Tinney 8, Daniel Morris 19, Ben Rothera 22, Sam Newton 24, Aaron Warburton 31. Team 3rd

U13G - Bethan Jones 4, Mia Tate 18, Katie Joseph 19, Mia Wyatt 38. Team 4th

U13B - Evan Roberts 13, Tom Hotchkiss 22. Team 6th

U15G - Rhiannon Tansley 16, Anna Holbrook 21, Ellie Dixon 25. Team 5th

U17M - Cameron Van Onselen 3, Tom Wilde 5. Team 3rd

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Monday, 30 November 2015 18:41

syal xc 3 @ much wenlock

Shropshire Young Cross Country League 3

It was cold and wet at the third cross country meeting at Much Wenlock but the weather couldn't deter the Oswestry athletes. The challenge of the steep, muddy hill up to the windmill and back tested the strength of the runners and spikes were a must for the slippery terrain. Cameron Van Onselen recorded his first win in the league, easily completing the extended course after the athletes were directed to run an extra lap by mistake. Liam Rawlings was surprisingly beaten, after dominating his age group this season, and had to settle for second place in the Under 13 Boys race.
U11G - Demi Williams 13, Nia Tansley38, Heidi Lantos 46. Team 8th
U11B - Henry Walmsley 8, Oliver Roach 9, Massimo Wyatt 22, Tom Hotchkiss 29, Sam Newton 31. Team 4th
U13G - Bethan Jones 14, Elin Lloyd-Davies 28, Mia Tate 31, Rhiannon Tansley 34, Anna Rothera 36, Megan Jones 37, Ellie Calloway 48. Team 5th
U13B - Liam Rawlings 2, Evan Roberts 23, Ben Pierce 25, Jannick Jones 28. Team 4th
U15G - Kate Pugh 5, Abagael Walmsley 9, Ellen Jones 14, Ellie Dixon 28. Team 2nd
U15B - Matthew Collins 18. Team 7th
U17G - Pip Lantos 8th. Team 6th
U17B - Cameron Van Onselen 1, Owen Williams 5. Team 1st
Saturday, 31 October 2015 22:03

syalxc 2

Shropshire Young Athletes Cross Country League
The second cross country league match enjoyed glorious sunshine at Oldbury Wells School Field, Bridgnorth. A good turn-out from Oswestry Olympians ensured an overall second place was maintained in the league competition. Liam Rawlings continued his impressive form, winning the Under 13 boys race comfortably by eleven seconds, whist Oliver Roach made a dramatic debut, finishing in sixth place in the Under 11 boys competition.
 U11G - Gwenyfer Kuipers 13, Demi Williams 20, Nia Tansley 29, Heidi Lantos 32. Team 6th
U11B - Oliver Roach 6, Henry Walmsley 10, Massimo Wyatt 19, Tom Hotchkiss 21 , Sam Newton 22. Team 3rd
U13G - Elin Lloyd-Davies 21, Rhiannon Tansley 22, Mia Tate 24, Megan Jones 38, Eleanor Gunnery 43. Team 4th
U13B - Liam Rawlings 1, Jannick Jones 20, Ben Pierce 23, Team 4th
U15G - Ellen Jones 7, Kate Pugh 8, Abagael Walmsley 10. Team 3rd
U15B - Tom Wilde 6, Matthew Collins 17. Team 5th
U17W - Kate Jones 4, Pip Lantos 7. Team 3rd                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    U17M - Cameron Van Onselen 2, Sam Jones 4. Team 2nd
Wednesday, 28 January 2015 22:19

syal xc 3 bridgnorth

Shropshire Young Athletes Cross Country League 3

The third cross country meeting was hosted by Bridgnorth in cold sunshine. Fresh from the Shropshire team success, Oswestry Olympians Liam Rawlings and Cameron Van Onselen consolidated their claims for the individual gold medals in their age groups by both finishing first on the day.

U11B - Jamie Davis 12th
U11G - Elin Lloyd-Davies 9th, Catrin Davies 10th, Demi Williams 18th, Mia Tate 19th, Lucie Calloway 43rd, Bethan Jones 44th, Ellie Calloway 45th. Team 4th
U13B - Liam Rawlings 1st, Jack Jones 4th, Matthew Collins 13th, Ben Pierce 15th. Team 2nd

U13G - Ellen Jones 6th, Kate Pugh 7th, Fran Cadwallader-Maddocks 31st. Team 7th
U15B - Cameron Van Onselen 1st, Sam Jones 7th, Owen Williams 9th, Laurence Apps 13th. Team 2nd
U15G - Pip Lantos 12th, Zara Baker 14th

The final meeting will take place at Packwood Haugh School, Ruyton XI Towns on Sunday 1st February, where individual and team places will be finalised and medals awarded.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015 22:12

syal xc 2 much wenlock

Shropshire Young Athletes Cross Country League 2

The second Shropshire League meeting was held at a very wet and muddy Much Wenlock. With heavy rain in the days prior to the races, the course had to be adapted to avoid waterlogged areas but remained heavy going for the athletes. With the addition of a steep hill up to the windmill and back it tested the leg strength of all the competitors. There were second places for U13 Liam Rawlings and U15 Cameron Van Onselen, whilst Ellen Jones was 3rd in the U13 girls race. Oswestry Olympians finished fourth on the day but are now second overall in the team competition.

U11B - Jamie Davis 9th, Tom Hotchkiss 29th. Team 8th
U11G - Bethan Jones 5th, Catrin Davies 8th, Elin Lloyd-Davies 9th, Mia Tate 13th, Lucie Calloway 40th, Ellie Calloway 42nd. Team 1st
U13B - Liam Rawlings 2nd, Jack Jones 6th, Ben Pierce 19th, Matthew Collins 22nd, George Osborn 32st. Team 1st=
U13G - Ellen Jones 3rd, Kate Pugh 6th, Anna Holbrook 23rd, Molly Roberts 25th, Ellie Dixon 32st, Georgia Richardson 32nd. Team 3rd
U15B - Cameron Van Onselen 2nd, Sam Jones 8th, Jacob Tidridge 9th. Team 1st
U15G - Kate Jones 5th, Pip Lantos 8th, Zara Baker 12th. Team 2nd
U17W - Hannah Pryce 10th. Team 7th.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015 21:59

shropshire xc championships

Well done to Georgia Richardson, Ellie Dixon, Kate Pugh, Matthew Collins, Ben Pierce, Liam Rawlings and Cameron Van Onselen on your fantastic performances in the very wet conditions at the Shropshire XC Championships at Lilleshall today.

Cameron is now Shropshire U15 Boys champion after blitzing the field in his race, whilst Liam was a close second in the U13 Boys event and Kate was an excellent 3rd for the Under 13 Girls.

Sunday, 21 September 2014 19:07

syal xc 1 oswestry school

Shropshire Young Athletes Cross Country League

Oswestry Olympians hosted the first cross country league meeting of the season in glorious sunshine at Oswestry School. With the ground still firm underfoot, the course was fast for those athletes who mastered the hilly terrain.

Three Oswestry teams, Under 11 Girls, Under 13 Boys and Under 15 Boys, won their age groups on the day and there were top three places for Liam Rawlings 1st Under 13 Boy, Kate Pugh 2nd Under 13 Girls and Cameron Van Onselen 2nd Under 15 Boy.


Under 11 Boys - Jamie Davis 10th, Josh Selby 15th, Jamie Williams 17th, Huw Logsdail-Jones 18th, Tom Hotchkiss 27th, Nyle Evans 36th - Team 5th

Under 11 Girls - Bethan Jones 4th, Elin Lloyd-Davies 5th, Catrin Davies 6th, Mia Tate 7th, Erin Delahay 18th - Team 1st

Under 13 Boys - Liam Rawlings 1st, Ben Pierce 8th, George Osborn 10th, Matthew Collins 15th, Lloyd Richards 19th, Niall Dennehy 20th, Dan Harrington 28th - Team 1st

Under 13 Girls  - Kate Pugh 2nd, Ellen Jones 4th, Molly Roberts 22nd, Abi Parker 23rd, Anna Holbrook 25th, Cerys Davies 27th, Ellie Dixon 30th, Rhiannon Tansley 37th , Elizabeth Williams 40th - Team 4th

Under 15 Boys - Cameron Van Onselen 2nd, Jacob Tidridge 6th, Owen Williams 12th, George Edwards 19th - Team 1st

Under 15 Girls - Kate Jones 4th, Pip Lantos 10th, Zara Baker 13th, Holly Lloyd-Evans 20th, Charlotte Pugh 25th - Team 2nd

Under 17 Girls - Hannah Pryce 11th

The club currently leads the overall standings in the league with the next race at Packwood Haugh School, Ruyton XI Towns on Sunday 12th October.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014 22:54

shropshire u10/11 xc championships

Shropshire U10/11 Cross Country Championships

The Shropshire U11 Cross Country Championships were held at Wrekin College bringing the winter season to an end. In contrast to last years heavy snow, the 2014 competition took place in warm spring sunshine

The first race involved the Under 10 girls, all in school year 5, with two Oswestry Olympians using their experience from training sessions and competitions to finish in the top ten. Elin Lloyd-Davies was 5th with Mia Tate 8th out of a field of 28. Next, Jamie Davis and Will Evans ran in the Under 10 (Year 5) Boys race placing 11th and 14th respectively out of 32 runners.

Sophia Motala-Evans was the sole Oswestry representative in the Under 11 Girls (Year 6) race. Having focussed on swimming throughout the winter, this was Sophia's first race over the country this season and she ran superbly to finish in fourth place.

The final race involved the top two athletes from the Shropshire League who have battled it out over four meetings so far. In another sprint finish, Oswestry's Liam Rawlings was awarded second place, although both athletes recorded the same finishing time. Liam was closely followed by teammates Jack Jones 4th, Ben Pierce 11th and Daniel Lee 15th enabling the team to finish second overall.

Photo - U11 Boys team with their silver medals: Ben Pierce, Daniel Lee, Liam Rawlings, Jack Jones

Well done to the Oswestry athletes who represented Shropshire at the UK Inter-counties XC Championships at Cofton Park, Birmingham.

Results on

Ali Lavender 15th (SW)
Ian Lowe 213th (SW)
Hannah Pryce 244th (U15G)
Zara Baker 276th (U15G)
Cameron Van Onselen 213th (U15B)
Jazmin Maddocks 271st (U13G)

Approx 300 athletes in each race

Monday, 09 December 2013 09:42

syalxc 4 bridgnorth

The final cross country league meeting at Bridgnorth culminated in a successful haul of medals for Oswestry Olympians athletes. There was a silver individual medal for Liam Rawlings and bronze for Jazmin Maddocks and Cameron Van Onselen, whilst the Under 11 Boys, Under 13 Girls and the Under 15 Girls teams all finished second overall after four meetings.

U11B - Liam Rawlings 2nd, Jack Jones 6th, Ben Pierce 19th, Jamie Davis 23rd, Lewis Wilde 27th, Ollie Walsh 31st. Team 3rd
Liam was 2nd individual overall, Team 2nd overall

U11G - Elin Lloyd-Davies 14th. Team 6th
Team 6th overall

U13B - Jacob Tidridge 6th, George Osborn 14th, Matthew Collins 19th, Niall Dennehey 25th Team 4th
Team 4th overall
U13G - Jazmin Maddocks 3rd, Kate Pugh 10th, Anna Holbrook 18th, Cerys Davies 20th. Team 2nd
Jazmin 3rd overall, Team 2nd overall

U15B - Cameron Van Onselen 3rd. Team 6th
Cameron 3rd overall, Team 3rd overall

U15G - Ellie Russell 2nd, Kate Jones 7th, Zara Baker 17th, Charlotte Pugh 21st. Team 3rd=
Team 2nd overall
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